Подарък Ваучер за Всеки

Вземете ваучер за подарък сега и спестете пари за предстоящото си пътуване.

We all have people in our entourage that love to travel and experience the world. Many of us had travel plans that got cancelled and we all wonder if we will manage to make them for the upcoming weeks and months.

While we are all confined at home right now it’s a great idea to buy a Gift Voucher from us since you can’t see your family, friends, colleagues or even get to a shop. Getting a gift for your close ones or yourself is a special moment that can’t be delayed.

Then when the moment is right the Gift Voucher holder will be able to secure his booking with us, get a discount from the total price of the selected package and even free items.



Еднократно плащане

  • 5% discount on your package
  • Valid until 31/12/2020
  • Can be used for any activity
  • Airport Transfer
  • No accommodation discount


Еднократно плащане

  • 7% discount on your package
  • Valid until 30/06/2021
  • Can be used for any activity
  • Airport Transfer
  • No accommodation discount


Еднократно плащане

  • 10% discount on your package
  • Valid until 31/12/2021
  • Can be used for any activity
  • Airport Transfer if more than 2 activities (only available in Sofia)
  • 5% discount for your accommodation (only for Bulgaria)

Our Gift Voucher is a perfect way to express a personal feeling even if you get it at the last minute. Everybody will want to start to travel again once things get back to normal. So you are sure that your gift will be far from unnoticed and you will avoid all the unnecessary risks of choosing something that might not be liked. Success guaranteed.

Create your own voucher


  • Custom options
  • Custom options

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Gift Voucher work?

The Tweekends Gift Voucher gives you a voucher of 100, 150 or 250€ which will be used for your upcoming trip in one of our destinations. You can also create your own custom voucher.

The amount will be discounted to the total price of the activities or package that you select. The bonus is that you get special offers with each voucher as discounts, free items and they all have a long validity. 

Example: you get the 250€ voucher

You are planning to come to Bulgaria for one of our Ski Packages in February 2021.
You are 7 people and the package that you choose is 349€ per person or 2443€ total. 
We apply the 10% discount for the entire package + the 5% discount for your accommodation and then the price drops to 308€ per person or 2156€ for the group.

Since you have already paid 250€ for your Gift Voucher, the remaining amount to pay before your ski trip will be 272€ per person or 1906€ total. It can be paid until 1 month before the trip.

By buying your 250€ Gift Voucher now you will save 287€ of the total amount of your ski package (or 41€ person).

How do I pay the Gift Voucher?

By bank transfer. After selecting your Gift Voucher we will contact you to confirm the order and we will send you our company’s bank account details.
More payment options will be added soon such as Revolut and Transferwise.

How is the Gift Voucher confirmed?

We will send you 2 important things:

  • an invoice for the purchase
  • a unique code to be used for your booking

Have more questions?

Terms and Conditions

  • The voucher cannot be combined with other vouchers and is not valid with other promos and offers.
  • The voucher is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full and is valid for a single trip per group.



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