Our Team

We are travel enthusiasts that love adventure and custom things to do. We want you to feel and experience something that you can’t do by yourself. 

Meet the Tweekends Team

We are based in Sofia (Bulgaria) where we started our adventure 5 years ago. Our activities are mainly in Sofia but we offer more and more packages, day trips and tours around Bulgaria: in other cities, in the mountains and of course at the seaside.

At the end of 2019 we have opened 2 new destinations (Bucharest and Belgrade) and we plan to expand to 3 more (Barcelona, Riga and Tallinn).

March 2020 update: due to the Coronavirus crisis we stopped our activity but decided to launch something new. For now we are focusing on creating virtual team building activities available for remote teams and companies with employees that are isolated at home. We start progressively from Sofia in Bulgaria and will be expanding in the upcoming weeks. 


Founder / Managing Director

Born in Sofia and left for Barcelona at 3. After 26 years in Barcelona and then France I moved back to Bulgaria in 2014 and started to explore and enjoy the hidden gems in Sofia. 

It was an obvious move to create our agency that specializes in custom activities and adventures.


Development Manager

Born and raised in Sofia, I work in the travel sector for more than 9 years. With both planning and guiding, I have always enjoyed seeing the world through the eyes of travelers. A passionate cultural explorer and outdoor lover, I am happy to have the opportunity to develop new and alternative forms of tourism with our company!

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Strategic Manager

Living for 8 years in Germany and France, I have developed a keen interest in travel, foreign cultures and different customs. I enjoy making new friends all the time and I want to make sure that everybody feels at home no matter where they go.


Operations Manager

After graduating in Sofa, I lived and studied in Germany where I soon became a manager of a trendy cocktail bar in Munich. I came back to Bulgaria in 2006 to open my own at home. After a successful sale I have now all my energy and experience devoted to our idea and to our groups. I love creating new memories with the people we meet.

Our Values

We have one guiding principle in everything we do. Our mission is to make each and every one of our clients have THE BEST POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE regardless of the location or the occasion. 

We achieve this goal by unyieldingly respecting 3 FUNDAMENTAL VALUES:

  1. SERVICE QUALITY: Impeccable service has always been our first and most important rule. We are a licensed tour operator and have close relationships with each of our providers. We continuously test and re-test all activities, locations and venues that we offer to our clients and do not satisfy with “good service”. We strive to go beyond expectations, improve all the time and offer the perfect experience.

  2. PERSONALIZATION: It is a tight market we operate in and there are many actors offering the same stuff over and over again. We do not only strive to put our personal touch and twist to any activity in our portfolio but we also spent a lot of time and effort into creating our own unique adventures, packages and experiences. We are simply excited and proud to offer you something that you cannot find elsewhere.

  3. FRIENDSHIP: This is the fundamental assumption within which we work inside the team, with our providers and for our clients. Our clients are our friends. Period. When we create a custom program, a package or even a simple tour, we do it as if it is for our best buddy. We truly enjoy interacting with all our clients and getting to know them better. It was one of the reasons to start this business after all.

The end result of our dedication to these 3 principles is that our clients always feel ‘’at home’ with us and we do not even need to ask them to recommend our services. They are eager and happy to do it on their own. That’s the best reward for us!


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