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8 nights / 10 days

Bali for All

Bali Uncovered Trip

8 nights / 10 days
<4 People
12+ y/o
4 to 7 people


8 to 12 people


12 to 16 people



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  Private Transfer for all the activities

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8 nights / 10 days

Day 1

Let’s go to Bali

Your city of departure – Doha – Bali
Departure for Bali with Qatar Airways (recommended) or other airline.


Day 2

Welcome to paradise called Bali

Arrival in Bali. At the airport you will be greeted by our friends living on the island. Transfer and accommodation at the selected hotel in Ubud.


Day 3

Getting to know the cultural capital of Bali – Ubud
Breakfast. Today we have a full day tour / incl. in the package price / s and get to know the culture of Bali – Ubud. In the morning we will visit the monkey forest. This is a park just outside the center of Ubud, where Balinese macaques live free in nature. Monkeys are everywhere and ready for photos and games with you. You will see them everywhere.
Today’s tour will continue with a visit to the Gunung Kavi Temple, which is one of the most interesting archeological sites in Bali. It dates from the 11th century and is a series of 7 meter statues carved into the rocks. It is located in a picturesque jungle on both sides of the Packerisan River.
Put on the swimsuits – a visit to Goa Rang Reng Waterfall – The unique stepped waterfall forms natural pools, where we will be able to cool in the clear mountain waters of the green Balinese jungle.

Day 4

Bali Jungle Adventure
Breakfast. Today’s excursion / incl. in the package price / will start with a three-hour trekking around Munduk Falls. The three waterfalls are one of Bali’s least known and most interesting secrets, located far from civilization in the picturesque jungle. The walk goes through cocoa, coffee and banana plantations and takes you to wild 30 meters waterfalls. A real Indiana Jones experience is available for you, both small and large.
Following is a visit to Bali’s main Shiva water temple in Oolong Dan Beratan. The temple complex is located on the shores of Lake Bratan in the mountains. It was built in 1663 and is dedicated to the goddess of rivers and lakes Devi Danou. Lake Bratan is known as the Sacred Mountain Lake because of the fertility of the area. It is located 1200 meters above sea level and has a cold tropical climate.

Day 5

Eat, pray and practice among the temples of Ubud
Breakfast. Today’s our full day excursion / incl. in package price / will start with the most famous place for selfies in Bali – Bali’s Cradle.
We continue on to Tegalalang – Bali’s picturesque rice terraces. Tegalalang form the most beautiful terraced landscapes in the Ubud area. Loved by travelers and offering great photo opportunities, the rice plantations are also interesting because of Subak, a traditional Balinese irrigation system that, according to history, was passed down to generations by a revered priest named Rsi Markandeya in the far eighth century.
This is followed by the volcano and Lake Batur – lunch high in the mountains with a view that is breathtaking.
Our next stop is the Tirtha Empoul Temple – the temple of holy water. Tirta Empul is built near a mineral spring, which is thought to have been created by the god Indra himself and has magical power. From 926 – or nearly 11 centuries, the Balinese went to this place for ritual bathing. They believe that it will bring them spiritual purification and healing. The well is open and accessible to all comers and we will be able to immerse ourselves in the Balinese ritual by going through all 15 spouts.
The tour continues with the palace and the lotus lake in the center of Ubud.
We will end this exciting day with a visit to traditional Balinese ketchup / incl. in the package price.  
Overnight in Ubud.

Day 6

Time for the beach
Breakfast. Today’s full day excursion / incl. in the package price / will start with a walk to Pura Lempuyang Temple. The first of a number of temples high in the mountain with spectacular views of the highest volcano in Bali – Agung, rising to over 3000m. A place that goes without saying!
Royal Water Gardens Tirta Gangga –
Next up is a visit to Virgin Beach, away from the crowded pristine white sand and crystalline water.

Day 7

Rediscover Bali’s vast beaches and their secrets
Breakfast. Today begins our day with a colorful walk to the local souvenir market in Ubud
Transfer and accommodation in Seminyak. Free time for beach and stroll or optional surf course / at extra charge /. Overnight in Seminyak.

Day 8

Balinese beaching and sending the sun to a unique temple
Breakfast. Today we will visit Melasti Beach! At the southernmost point of Bali, hidden by 80 meters of rock, stretches several kilometers of crystal-clear beach. With a mask and a snorkel, we will see colorful coral fishes, and crabs will surround us as we walk on the white sands.
Today we will welcome the sunset at one of the most fabulous temples in Bali – Uluwatu / incl. in the package price. The temple is located about 80 meters above sea level in southern Bali. The spiritual sanctuary is on the edge of steep cliffs in the village of Pekatu. It is a Hindu temple, one of the nine leading in Bali, designed to protect the island from evil spirits. Uluwatu is also part of the Sad Kahyangan Temple, Bali’s six holiest places of worship. According to local beliefs, they are key and provide a spiritual balance to Bali.
Overnight in Seminyak.

Day 9

Your day off in Bali
Breakfast. Free time for beach and stroll or optional surf course / at extra charge /.
Overnight in Seminyak.

Day 10

Time to go home
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport and flight home by Qatar Airways.
Bali – Doha – your city of arrival
Arrival at Sofia Airport at 11:25



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