How to choose your accommodation in Sofia

Price, quality, location? Where to start?


How to choose your accommodation in Sofia


Sofia has a wide range of accommodation. Hostels, Apartments and Hotels of various categories.


Accommodation price in Sofia depends mainly on the location and type. For a good quality / price ration in the central part of the city count around 25€ per person per night.

How to book

Check below our different offers for accommodation in Sofia.


The best location to stay in Sofia is by far the city center. The tricky part is that the center has an area which has affordable accommodation but has not so much to offer around. The best is to stay in the area of the below map. In this area are located most of the attractions.


Airbnb and Apartments

Airbnb’s in Sofia are great. There is a huge amount of very nice apartments in the city center for a good price. Most of the great apartments are also on Booking.

We have a special discount for Vitosha Downtown Apartments which are located in the same building in the top center of Sofia with apartments suitable from 2 to 8 people per apartment. For larger groups we will book apartments next to each other. Breakfast is included and it’s at the cafe / bar located at the ground floor. Just be sure to contact us to claim it.


3* Hotel

3* star hotels in Sofia are a great choice for a limited budget. Rila, Niky, Bon Bon are just one of the few that are convenient for groups.
Plan your stay in Sofia or let us know your trip idea so we can help.

4* hotel

4* hotels in Sofia are very popular since their price is a bit higher than the other options but relatively less expensive than in other countries. Art ‘Otel, Central Hotel, COOP, Best Western are among the top ones.




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