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Icebreakers / Games Package

The below virtual games are very easy to implement during your daily calls with your team. They can either be played at the beginning or the end.
Some of them are a bit longer and can be continued after the call.
The idea is to use the ice-breaking technique to make your teammates comfortable, engaged and relaxed.
People will become closer during these isolation times and their focus and productivity will rise.

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A few examples of Video Call Games

  • In my Shoes

    Share a picture of the shoes you are wearing, explain why you chose them
  • Lunch break

    Share lunch break ideas for short activities or easy recipes
  • Your “Office” now

    Share a picture of your workspace with the wider team
  • Weirdest product online

    Find it and pitch it
  • Remember the office?

    Explain without words an item from the office for the others to guess
  • And many more available in our package

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