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“Mehana Izbata” is a tavern-like Bulgarian restaurant where scrumptious Bulgarian cuisine chit-chats with a wonderful selection of wines and spirits.

The appetisingly tempting Bulgarian specialties come also with the generous accompaniment of Bulgaria’s folk music. Its merriment, irregular rhythms, and magical sounds make the place a must-stop for tourists and locals alike.

The richly decorated interior with typical Bulgarian “hues” and delicacies, originating “once upon a time”, vivaciously embrace every visitor.

The place is wonderful not only for its impeccable service and cuisine but also for the opportunity to organise business meetings, and even party gatherings.

Tuborg beer on tap keeps the thirst of visitors, looking for hops, quenched.

We recommend taking pleasure in the various types of Rakia that are usually consumed with green salads.

Bulgarian food in “Mehana Izbata” comes in abundance and there are choices for both meat worshippers and vegan/vegetarian aficionados.

At “Izbata”, you will sense the true Bulgarian spirit where smiles are not just a necessity.

  • Estimated budget

    € 15-20

  • Recommended For

    Couples, small groups
  • Hours

    11:00 – 00:00 daily
  • Kitchen

    Until 22:00
  • Website

  • Address

    ul. Slavianska 18, Sofia


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