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MoMa is the epitome of the modernistic face of Bulgarian restaurants nowadays. It revolves around a culinary escapade with truly authentic recipes, bringing Bulgarians to their roots, and a contemporary interior that blends the purity and beauty of Bulgarian maidens. All these cultural images are skilfully represented via different visual symbols, decors, fabrics, and photos.

What strikes visitors of MoMa most is the unique appearance of every dining hall, coming with its distinctive pictures and traditional symbols, such as tools for bread baking, clay pots, needlework, weaving of rugs and carpets, and rose picking rituals.

The overall dining experience of the visitors is not only fuelled by the intricate interior design but also by the appetising variety of the carefully picked dishes.

A must-try is the organic sheep yoghurt with honey. Another must-savour dish is “Nashenska gozba”, which epitomises chicken and pork fillets, together with mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, and traditional seasonings. All these are then baked and served in a bowl made of bread – foodgasm at its finest.


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