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Located in close proximity to Sofia’s heart, Pastorant is the go-to place for Greek, Italian, and Mediterranean food connoisseurs.

The restaurant is revered for having the best pasta in town, epitomising fresh ingredients and top-quality vegetables. Don’t miss the signature cheese buns as they are to die for.

The wine selection at Pastorant can only be delineated as excellent and we can use the same adjective for the service. Professional and courteous, this kind of service is a rare find in Sofia.

The interior has frisky accents that play with visitor’s imagination, while she/he is enjoying the delightful food assortment.

We recommend Pastorant not only for its mouth-watering food but also for the art, seeping from every corner. Thus, art aficionados will find a new spot to sip their afternoon coffee or indulge in appetising wines for dinner.

The place’s charming atmosphere is also present in its gorgeous garden where one can relish a hint of fresh air in spring and summer.

  • Estimated budget

  • Recommended for

    Couples, small groups
  • Hours

    11:00 – 22:30
  • Kitchen

    Until 21:30
  • Website

  • Address

    ul. “Tsar Asen” 16, Sofia

ul. “Tsar Asen” 16

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