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Ribs Brothers

If your cravings whisper “ribs” in your hungry ears, then Ribs Brothers in Sofia’s downtown is your gourmet answer.

Despite that the menu consists of only four ribs offers, each and every of them is truly tantalising.

Should you be a sticky BBQ glaze enthusiast, then the Sweet BBQ Bones is your lunch or dinner accompaniment.

With Red Hot BABA pork ribs, the combination of the fiery Chilli Hills marinade and the delectable home-made tomato sauce makes for the perfect taste balance.

Asian taste aficionados can indulge in pork ribs glazed with hoisin sauce and marinated with ginger.


For the ultimate ribs experience, we specifically recommend the Black Angus beef ribs dipped in red wine sauce and seasoned with house rubs.

Those who love bread with every meal, ensure you savour the “Bread ‘n’ Ribs” where bread accommodates pulled pork with coleslaw and home-made BBQ sauce.

Beer on tap is an option, of course, but we truly recommend to tickle your palate with the mouth-watering honey- or blueberry-flavoured ciders that are to die for.

  • Estimated budget

  • Recommended for

    Couples, small groups
  • Hours

    12:00 – 23:00
  • Kitchen

    Until 21:00
  • Website

  • Address

    ul. “Uzundzhovska” 13, Sofia


Address: ul. “Uzundzhovska” 13

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