National Museum of Military History

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National Museum of Military History

A structure erected by the Ministry of Defence, the National Museum of Military History comprises the military history of Bulgaria.

Having existed with different names and as a subsidiary of diverse entities since August 1914, it is a huge edifice that possesses a computer centre, a library, and an exhibition area, measuring 5,000 sq. metres of indoor and 40,000 sq. metres of outdoor area (500 sq. metres of the outdoor area covered).

The museum aims at investigating, preserving, processing scientifically, and popularising cultural treasures related to the military history of Bulgaria and Europe.

History and Peculiar Facts

For a century of existence, it has gathered close to a million items connected with the military history of Europe and Bulgaria.

Three floors of exhibitions narrate the story of Bulgarian warfare from the ancient Thracians onwards. Extensive information boards and labelling in English accompany the exhibits.

The majority of the space inside is devoted to the period, commencing with the April Uprising in 1876 to WWI. The remarkable collection consists of rebel flags, various armaments and weaponry, and practically an infinite parade of soldier belongings and uniforms. The outside area hosts Soviet-made military hardware, such as MiG fighters, Scud missile launchers, and tanks.

To make the visitor immerse in the atmosphere of the presented battles, the museum has installed systems that play various sounds, consistent with the period. These encompass the Hurray of soldiers, the national military anthems, sounds of floating rivers, the WWII bombings, and more.

The second part of the military exhibition is demonstrated in a park where heaps of military hardware are on display. WWII aficionados would appreciate the collection of German battle tanks, incl. Stugs and PzIII. Exemplified are also SS-23 missiles, SCUD, FROG, and missile launchers.

Younger visitors may benefit from educational programmes.


Recently, the National Museum of Military History moved to a new place, positioned at 92 Cherkovna Street, just next to the military academy. However, the entrance is around the corner on Han Omurtag Street.

Buses #9, #72, #120, #313, #413, as well as trams #20 and #21 will transport you there.

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