Virtual Cake Baking Class

Learn at home how to make the perfect cake

2 hours
<6 People
100% Online
Available worldwide
6+ people



10+ people



15+ people




  2 hours live and interactive class

  List of ingredients

  Birthday candles (if needed)

  English speaking activity leader and talented baker

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What’s included in the Virtual Cake Baking Class


Our Virtual Cake Baking Class is a great way to connect and bond with your teammates while preparing a delicious cake. It’s one of our online team building experiences to share with your colleagues. There’s never been a better time to learn how to perfect a meal while having fun with your teammates and without leaving home.

A few days before the Cake Baking Class you will receive a list of ingredients from a talented baker (it’s a surprise) that you will need to buy.

The baker will be hosting the Virtual Cake Baking Class where everyone will log into an online conference call. After a quick presentation and some icebreakers the Online Baking Class will begin and your host will first help you organise all the ingredients and tools that are needed. Then the cake preparation will start. Be sure to listen and follow your baker instructions carefully. Questions are always welcome and the baker will make sure that everyone follows the cake preparation.


When the cake is finally prepared you can either leave the call and save it for next day or preferably stay for a cake party with your teammates. You can play one of our Video Call Games or discuss everyone’s cake. 

Groups of friends are also welcome to enjoy our Interactive and Online Cake Baking Class. You just need to be at least 6 people.

The activity is very convenient for Birthdays too as we will deliver candles to the person that has its Birthday. It’s a great way to surprise someone close as all friends will be on a video call and can surprise him or her by preparing a cake and spend a great moment together. Singing “Happy Birthday” is not mandatory but recommended to enjoy a nice moment all-together.

Live Host

100% online event

Around 2 hours

Available all year


5 Beers.
Different Tastes.
One Favourite?



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