Virtual Collective Painting

Paint all together a big painting for your office

2 hours
<6 People
100% Online
Available only in Sofia
6+ people



10+ people



15+ people




  Free package delivery to your address in Sofia

  Canvas (30×40 cm)




  English or Bulgarian speaking activity leader and local brewer

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What’s included in the Virtual Collective Painting


Our Virtual Collective Painting is a great activity for people that want to create something all together. It’s an online team building experience to share with your colleagues when working remotely.

You will all receive a package a few days before the Virtual Collective Painting. The packages contain all the necessary things to complete the activity: a canvas of a specific size, brushes and paint that are compatible with the painting that you will paint.

But first, you need to choose the painting that you want to recreate. We can give you suggestions or you can choose something related to your company (logo, image that reflects its activity).
The selected image that you will paint will be evenly split between the people that will do the activity. Everyone will paint his part while being all together in an online video call. With the help of a local artist you will all collaborate in recreating the big painting that you have chosen.

When you will be able to go to the office again, everyone will bring their part of the big picture. You can hang the assembled picture on a wall of the office. You will have a great memory of something that you all did together during these difficult times.


The Virtual Collective Painting is a great activity that has 2 phases.
The first one will be completed virtually where everyone will play its part by painting a specific area of the big painting.
The second phase is when you will be able to go back to the office. Everyone will bring his painting and you will all assemble your parts to complete the big painting that you have chosen. It’s a great way to remember the isolation times and how you reacted to it by collaborating all together.

Groups of friends are also welcome to enjoy our Virtual Collective Painting. You just need to be at least 6 people.

Live Host

100% online event

Around 2 hours

Available all year


Paint Together.
Create something Great.
Cool Memory for the Office.



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