Virtual Craft Beer Tasting

Discover craft beer culture from home

2 hours
<6 People
100% Online
Available worldwide


  Free delivery to your address (only in Sofia*)

  1 package with 5 x 330ml different craft beers**

  Goodies, gifts and snacks

  English speaking activity leader and local brewer

*delivery outside Sofia will be added to the price

**non-alcoholic option available

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What’s included in the Virtual Craft Beer Tasting


Our Virtual Craft Beer Tasting is not just a simple beer delivery service. It’s an online team building experience to share with your colleagues when working remotely.

You will all receive a beer package a few days before the Virtual Craft Beer Tasting. The packages contain 5 craft beers, 330ml each. Great gifts are also included.
The beers are a variety of types and flavors, from craft breweries in your area and with different alcohol levels. Most of them aren’t yet on the market.

A local beer expert will host the Virtual Craft Beer Tasting on an online video conference call that you and your team can join in on. After a quick presentation and some icebreakers the Online Beer Tasting will kick off with some fun facts and stories about the beers in your package. The alcoholic percentage will progressively go up.

The online beer tasting will focus on 4 out of the 5 beers. The 5th one is for a challenge that will continue on the next day.


The Virtual Beer Tasting is a great way for companies to have a bonding and fun experience between team members that are not co-located.

Attendees will discover or learn more about the craft beer world, hear stories about each brewery and each type of beer while participating in an engaging activity.

Our online beer tasting is a perfect activity to participate in after a hard day’s work, teammates will be able to connect with each other in a different setting and format than during working hours.

The beer selection can be customized to include: 100% local craft beers, foreign or a mix of both. It’s up to you!

Given the current situation we recommend supporting the local breweries from your area. You just need to trust us with the beer selection.

Groups of friends are also welcome to enjoy our Virtual Craft Beer Tasting. You just need to be at least 6 people.

Live Host

100% online event

Around 2 hours

Available all year


5 Beers.
Different Tastes.
One Favorite?



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