Virtual Escape Room

You will be sent on a mission in Space to preserve humanity’s last chance of survival

2 hours
<10 People
100% Online
Available worldwide


  Great professional and experienced hosts

  Live on a custom and entertaining platform

  Supporting control team

  Content in English or Bulgarian

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What’s included in the Virtual Escape Room


Our Virtual Escape Room is not just a simple game. It’s a next generation online teambuilding game, where you’ll find humanity on the brink of extinction. delivery service.

In the day of tomorrow, you’ll find our species drawn in a never-ending conflict with a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence, called The Hivers.

As part of “Hope Squadron One” you are sent on a mission in Space to preserve humanity’s last chance of survival.

What your colleagues will get

  • A meaningful remote time spent by all attendees
  • An enhanced gameplay allowing simultaneous collaborative interaction of your whole team
  • The focus will be on: Leadership, Teamwork and Collaboration


The Virtual Escape Room is a great way for companies to have a bonding and fun experience between team members that are not co-located.

Attendees will participate in a cooperative gameplay thanks to an interactive storyline.

Our online escape room game is a perfect activity to participate in after a hard day’s work, teammates will be able to connect with each other in a different setting and format than during working hours.

Groups of friends are also welcome to enjoy our Online Escape Room. You just need to be at least 10 people.

Live Host

100% online event

Around 2 hours

Available all year



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