Virtual Party Night

Enjoy and share a great party evening with your colleagues

3+ hours
<10 People
100% Online
Available worldwide


  1 hour Quiz

  2+ hours DJ Party

  English speaking hosts


  1 package* with beer or wine, gifts**

  Stand-up comedy show

*delivery outside Sofia will be added to the price

**non-alcoholic option available

Get your custom price by contacting us

What’s included in the Virtual Party Night


Our Virtual Party Night is a great online team building experience to share with your colleagues when working remotely. It’s suitable for big groups as there is no limit in the number of attendees. Perfect for the birthday of your company, to celebrate a big success or for a great virtual team building night.

The Virtual Party Night lasts at least 3 hours depending on the options that you will choose.

We will start with a Quiz that can have from 30 to 60 questions. Count 2 minutes per question. It will be leaded by a local comedian to keep up the good mood.
Then, our star DJ will start to spin cool music for at least 2 hours. Requests will be welcome.


For the Quiz, we can either suggest you different themes or we can integrate your own questions. They can be related to the company and the celebrated occasion. This tends to be highly appreciated by all colleagues.

After the Quiz, you will receive a detailed report with all answers, score and other details. We will suggest you awards for the winning teams and for all participants.
Given the current situation we recommend supporting the local businesses from your area. You can trust us with the selection.

A 20-30 min. stand-up comedy show can be done before the Quiz.

We can also send a customized package to all participants with drinks and gifts prior to the Virtual Party Night.

Live Hosts

100% online event

3 to 6 hours

Available all year


Great Party Night.
Lots of Laughter.



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