Virtual Quiz Night

Have a great and fun night with your colleagues

1-2 hours
<20 People
100% Online
Available worldwide


  Great professional hosts (stand-up comedians)

  Broadcasting from a professional studio

  Preparation of the theme according to your needs and/or our suggestions

  Live on your favourite platform (Zoom, Google Meet…)

  Tools for attendees to play the quiz

Get your custom price by contacting us

What’s included in the Virtual Quiz Night


Our Virtual Quiz Night is the perfect interactive and online activity for big companies. We can handle groups from 20 to 100+. Everything will be previously organized:

  • the theme of the questions
  • the streaming
  • the teams
  • the hosts
  • the prices for the winning teams

The hosts of our Virtual Quiz Night will be broadcasting from a professional studio and your colleagues will be splitted into teams. Each team will have its own room and a captain.

The amount of questions will depend on the chosen theme and on the expected duration of the quiz that you want. Usually 45 questions are done in 1.5 hours.


The Virtual Quiz Night is a perfect activity for companies with over 20 people, even 100 as everything is handled online.

Attendees will have to answer a series of questions as each team will communicate in its own room and give their final answer.

The winning team is the one with the highest score (a combination of correct answers and the time to answer them).

We recommend to have prices for the top 3 teams. You can either suggest your own or we can give you our recommendations.

Given the current situation we recommend supporting the local breweries from your area. That’s why we will recommend them for the prices.

The best time to have our Virtual Quiz Night is after a work day, around 17:00 or 18:00.

Live Host

100% online event

Around 1-2 hours

Available all year


Custom Questions.
Different Teams.
One Winner.



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