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  1 hour live and interactive Workout

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What’s included in the Virtual Workout


Our Virtual Workout is a strongly recommended activity for teams that are working or confined at home. It will let you connect with each other while exercising. It’s an online team building experience to share with your colleagues.

Working out is very important when you are mainly at home. You just need to check your pedometer to realise the low number of steps that you have done during the day.

Regular physical activity will improve your daily life. And if you need more convincing to get you started see the below benefits of working out:

  • controls weight
  • combats health conditions and diseases
  • improves mood
  • boosts energy
  • promotes better sleep
  • puts the spark back into your sex life
  • can be fun … and social!

The Virtual Workout is exactly made for that. To bring you all the benefits of exercising and sharing an experience with your teammates while everyone is at home. A professional fitness instructor will lead the session from his fitness and he will make custom exercises that correspond to everyone’s level. 


Working out from home with your teammates will boost confidence and will act as a stress relief in the current times that we live in.

You can either do a workout session in the morning before starting to work or after the working day is over. Have a session once or twice a week. For better results be sure to include our Virtual Yoga Class into your week’s schedule.

Take a shower after your Virtual Workout session and put on some good looking clothes. You will see how confident you are and how ready you feel for what is to come next. 

Live Host

100% online event

1 hour

Available all year


Better Shape.
Improve Mental Health and Mood.
More Energy and Quality of Sleep.



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