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What to do in Sofia by night

Alright you did the first step by booking your flight to Sofia with your accommodation and now you are wondering what to do in Sofia by night.

Stay tight and simply follow our guide to get the best experience of Sofia’s nightlife.

Top ideas and things to do in Sofia by night


Sofia has a pretty cool restaurant scene combining modern, hipsterish and traditional food.
The price / quality ratio is outstanding since you can get to the best restaurants in town for a decent price.
Service in Sofia meets the highest standards.
We have selected for you some of the top restaurants in Sofia where we have discounts or offers just for you. The only requirement is that we have to make the reservation for you.

In Sofia it’s almost impossible to find a table on the go during weekend nights so booking in advance is strongly recommended.
Usually locals have dinner around 20:00 and 21:00.

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  • Bulgarian Traditional Dinner – full menu with local food and drinks
  • Trendy Dinner – full menu in one of the coolest addresses of Sofia


Bars in Sofia are very different one from each other. From small and cozy bars where locals go after work, to great cocktail bars, craft beer bars and many others Sofia has them all. Most of them are located in the very center of Sofia. Question is how to find them?
Here’s a short list of our selection of cool bars in Sofia:

  • Kick’s
  • Bilkova
  • Switch
  • Bar Friday
  • Raven and Cannonball
  • The Cocktail Bar
  • Memento Rakovski
  • One More Bar
  • Public Bar

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Sofia has an interesting and varied club scene. From top clubs with famous international dj’s to clubs with locals with a large variety of music: house, EDM, techno, hip-hop, rock etc… There are also special events that happen in special venues such as in the National Palace of Culture or it’s terrace and many more. Of course as locals we know what’s going on so just let us know your dates and musical preferences. There is not really a dress code but for the good clubs you are expected to dress properly. The cloakroom is usually not included in the entrance fee neither do drinks. You have to know 2 main things about the Clubs in Sofia:

  • People usually are around tables. There are tables and booths almost everywhere and the dance-floor is tiny. Some clubs do have a bigger dance-floor.
  • Getting into a club without having a table reservation is nearly impossible especially for the top ones. So booking in advance is mandatory!
  • If you are a group of foreigners that go by yourself the chance that they don’t let you in is nearly 100%.

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  • VIP Club Night
  • Club with bottles
  • Club Entry
  • Pool and Foam Party (from end of June to beginning of September)

Other night Activities

While you are in Sofia why not try our local drinks? We produce great beer and wine and our fruit-based local spirit is called Rakia.

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Getting Around

Sofia is a very safe city where street crime is almost non existent. You can easily and freely walk by night especially in the center.

If you need to take a taxi there is a chance of getting ripped off since a few “fake” taxi companies operate in Sofia. They often imitate the design of the official ones. The risk is that you will pay up to x10 times more.

How to get a proper taxi in Sofia:

  • install Taxi Me app (kind of like an uber but for taxis)
  • call the official taxi numbers: 0291119 / 029732121

If you want to get a taxi on the street be sure to get into the official ones:

  • Yellow Taxi
  • OK Supertrans

Even if you do so, have a look from time to time to the meter to see that it doesn’t go up like crazy since some drivers have “pumps” that boost the meter.
You can of course use the shared electric scooters of Lime and Bird.


In Sofia there are a few cool things that are open 24/7 such as:


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